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I have many years of experience doing high quality technical support for a variety of companies and products.

Parts of my Tech Support History

Learning + Helping people is addictive

When I began working in technical support, I didn't think I would stick with it for long. I thought of myself as a programmer, rather than as a support person.  I found that I kept learning new things, and for me, learning is addictive. I also enjoyed continually solving people's problems. System administrators from around the world would run into difficulties, and I would solve their problems. This was deeply gratifying.

I was voted highest quality from a team of 16

I was doing technical support for Silicon Graphics on a team with 16 other people. A customer survey was done for my team and the customers voted me as the person who gave the best support.

I created the Documents others learned from

While doing tech support at Silicon Graphics, I documented as I learned, I clearly writing down the answers to the questions I had resolved, and then collated these into a cohesive document. When new tech support people joined, they would use the answer documentation that I created. When I became an expert on a new topic, I wrote guides to those topics.

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