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I have over 10 years of project management experience. My skill as a project manager is highly informed by my years of doing programming, system administration, QA, and the other varied tasks needed to complete a given project. I specialize in LAMP stack web development.

I especially like enjoy Scrum Agile methodology. While at Hewlett Packard enterprise, I spent years project managing teams using the Atlassian tools. I enjoy writing specifications, making timelines, and helping to clear blockers of any type. I like to keep everybody in sync, on schedule, productive, and happy. I am extremely communicative and goal oriented. I'm dedicated, reliable, and my enthusiasm tends to be contagious.

I've project managed teams that were widely distributed around the world as well as teams where everybody resided in the same building.

Project management methods

Below are some of the ways of managing projects I have found helpful. These concepts have worked for me with big teams, small teams, local teams, distributed teams, agile methodology, and waterfall methodology.

Some sample projects

TWIKI.NET Friendly Admin Interface

TWiki has long been one of the most popular Wikis in the world with over half a million downloads. TWiki.org is an open source project. The initial creator of TWiki.org, Peter Thoeny, also formed the VC backed commercial venture, TWiki dot net. The interface for setting up TWiki and making system administration changes was quite confusing, especially for non-technical users.

Solution: I helped to design and I also project managed a very easy to use web interface for setting up an initial installation of TWiki, and for making the most common desired customizations. This worked out perfectly for most of our clients. It was an ideal value add over the Open Source product. It also resulted in the benefit of reducing the work hours of customer support needed per customer.


Problem: All licenses were being hand generated.  Turn around time was slow.  A large team was required to handle the requests.  Customer satisfaction was low and errors were common.

Solution: I project managed and was primary programmer and designer of a web and email based tool to automatically authorize and distribute permanent and temporary licenses for internal and external use.  Key-O-Matic generates licenses for multiple licensing mechanisms, multiple computer platforms, over 100 products, and for multiple countries.  Evaluation license durations, number of licenses, and marketing letters can be customized by product.  Both web and email forms are easy for customers and license administrators to use.  This tool has vastly improved accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It has been in production since 1994 and is still being used by customers today. This was the first system to automatically give out software licenses on the web.

Sales Order Download

 The downloading of sales orders into the support database was failing a high percentage of the time due to numerous data errors caused by a variety of sources.  For years this quagmire had been directly affecting support revenue and customer satisfaction.

Solutions: Reduce the percentage of sales orders with errors by over 90%. Vastly improved and clarified the error checking, by breaking errors into distinct "buckets".  Created drill down reports that gave a clear view, from a high level overview, to the low level details of a single sales order.  Got buy-in from throughout the company until every error bucket was owned by a particular responsible group.  Groups also agreed on which team was causing each problem and agreed to work together on implementing solutions.  Automated the reprocessing of sales orders.  Created a system to fully manage the backlog of problem sales orders.  Reduced the percentage of errors dramatically.  Automated the correction of many types of errors. This was a huge win for the company! It resulted in much happier customers.

Low Cost Pull

 Customers were shipped CDs of new software and software updates as needed.  There was no online solution for customers to downloading updates or view what they were entitled to.  Shipping and handling costs were high and customer satisfaction was sometimes adversely effected.

Solution: Helped to design and Project Managed the creation of a tool which gave customers access to download a wide variety of software.  Access was given based on what a particular customer was entitled to.  Customers are now able to download updates the moment they come out.  Rather than shipping CDs, the company now often just sends an email or post card.  Customers are more effectively able to manage their software subscriptions.  Customer satisfaction is improved and costs reduced.

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