Making your organization thrive

Putting needed systems in place
I will put the needed systems in place to make your ogranization operate the way it should. The changes will be put in place effieciently and elegantly. For more, see Business Operations Systems and Business Operations Philosophy.

Program/Project Managment
Given any project, I can work with the team(s) and make the project succeed. After a lifetime of bringing projects to life, this is second nature. Key is following best practices, doing the needed planning/vetting early, and continually making changes as needed. For more, see Program/Project Manager

A bredth of experience

I have I have worked as a Business Operations Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, Programer, and System Admin. I've done QA, Tech Writing, Customer Support, and database work. I've worked at large companies like HP as well as small startups.

Some tech highlights and tidbits

A Testimonial

"Julian is incredibly creative, energetic, and brilliant. No matter what the task he will find a way to make it happen. An absolute delight to work with, he has an eye both for the big picture and the detail to get there. Anyone who gets to spend time with Julian, whether as client, colleague or friend, is lucky indeed." - Grant Gouldon, my manager at Silicon Graphics. See more testimonials.

About Julian

I embody momentum and make positive changes happen quickly. I work hard and I love making things better. Figuring out the best ways to crack a given nut for the best possible results makes me happy. I am a combination of "people person" who also happens to have fun obsessing on low-level technical implementation.

I enjoy the process of planning and leading a team to build an engineering project. Agile is a wonderful way to work. And for projects where it's needed, I creatie easily understood Gantt charts. I like writing documentation and specifications. I find writing code and testing fully addictive. QA is vital in any company and it's something I've enjoyed spearheading. It makes me happy to help my coworkers and the clients.

At entrepreneur meetings, I've regularly asked for advice on business approaches, on the ideal technology to use, PR, funding, and a wide variety of challenges that startups face. I have notable experience with almost every skill needed to create a startup.

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Julian Cash     415.738.9385     julian@HireThisGeek.com or see the contact page.

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