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Work to advance tech projects which are intriguing, that use exciting technologies, and which benefit people.


Technical Skills


  Primary skills:

Project manager, programmer, web developer, manage offshore, system admin, database design, QA, tech writing, tech support


Jira, Confluence, MS Project, Excel, Flash, Power Point, Word, Visio, Lightroom, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Adobe Premier


PHP, Perl, C, HTML, SQL, Shell, Web/CGI, Pascal, BASIC

  Basic Knowledge:

ActionScript 3, C++, Java, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, XML, REST, JSON, Solr and Lucene search


MySQL, MySQL Workbench, Sybase, Oracle, SQL, Informix

  Operating Systems:

AWS, OpenStack, Rackspace, Linux, Debian, Unix, Windows, FreeBSD, VMware, IRIX, VMS

  Other Software:

Atlassian tools (Jira, Green hopper, Confluence, HipChat), Google Docs, OpenStack, HipChat, WordPress, subversion, Apache and IIS web servers, RT, FogBugz, Hangout, Skype, Basecamp

  Other Skills:

Writing specs, user interface design, graphic design, web design, recruiting and hiring, business strategy, financial plans, market research, raising funding, management of offshore teams, scalable architecture, instructor, public speaker





Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

Major: Computer Science,  Minor: Photography

Received Associates degree





Project Manager

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise    August 2013 – March 2016

Project Managing three fantastic and productive teams using traditional agile for some teams and Kanban for others.  Created and drove roadmaps with milestones.  Help manage relationship with a key and external partner/company.  Ran essential cross team projects.  Headed up a project where over a dozen teams integrated testing into their code bases.  Did work on reporting operations issues, compliance issues, and managing audits. Heavily used Atlassian tools (Jira, Jira dashboards, Rapid boards, Green Hopper, Confluence wiki, and HipChat).  My main aim being to keep everybody as happy and productive as possible.


Project Management


Jira, OpenStack, Confluence, Google docs, Excel, Power Point, MS Project, HipChat


Computer Programmer

Kontera    May 2013 – August 2013

Webpage creation, ActionScript, JavaScript, and ad creation and debugging.  An emphasis on reporting using advanced Excel features.  Tasks from one day to the next varied significantly.  Time always being of the essence.  Worked with an efficient wonderful team of highly skilled experts.


Action Script, JavaScript, HTML


Adobe Flash, DreamWeaver, Excel


Project Manager/Programmer/Designer Contract

HireThisGeek.com    April 2010

A wide variety of website and programming contract jobs.  At Palm (HP) did Project Management for several projects, improved how group used it’s wiki.  Project managed and coded a PHP, MySQL, jQuery based goal achievement website which included a mobile site.  Made a wide variety of quality websites for businesses and people.  Program an LDAP module for TWiki.net.  Programmed a credit card application project.  Debugging various website issues.  Software research and analyses.  Ran an extremely successful social networking Kickstarter fundraising and PR campaign using Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail lists.  Raised 150% of goal, totaling $36k.


Project Management, Business planning, Programming, PHP, Database Design, Specs, Social Media, Website design, QA, Market Research, System Administration.


PHP, MySQL, MySQL Workbench, jQuery, Debian, Rackspace, Perl, DreamWeaver, CSS, WordPress, Adobe Lightroom. Photoshop, Excel


Project Manager/Designer/QA, Contract

The Image Maker    January 2010 – March 2010

Project Managed the development of an internet stock imagery site, based in Dubai.  Coordinated with the CEO of the company, the lead programmer, and the visual designer.  Wrote specifications, performed QA cycles on new revisions of the product, and directed others on the team.  Was involved in market research and guiding the direction for the product.


Project Management, QA, Market Research.


MS Visual Studio, IIS, MS SQL Server, AJAX.


Founder, Permanent

The Human Creativity Project    September 2005 – January 2010

Created a startup with improved concepts for personalized search and discovery for creative content on the web.  Launched an image bookmarking website.  Made the designs for a marketplace for creative content.  Wrote and polished a wide array of high and low level specs and presentation materials.  Raised the first round of funding.  Recruited and managed an extraordinarily skilled team.  Project managed the development effort.  Did extensive work in the areas of financial planning and market research.


Project management, management, programming, QA, specs, market research, recruiting, financial planning, database design, system architecture, design, tech writing, system admin.


Perl, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, Lucene, Solr, MySQL Workbench, Apache, FogBugz, Amazon EC2+S3, Debian, Apache, catalyst, moose, FormFu, Template Toolkit, TWiki, DBIx, memcached, varnish, Nagios, couchDB, Slicehost, collaborative filtering, REST, LAMP, SVN, SQL, Flash.


Project Manager/Developer/Designer/Support, Contract
    August 2007 – August 2008

Project managed Perl programmers and testers in India.  Wrote specifications for new features including UI design.  Did QA work on new revs of the project.  Provided support to TWIKI customers, including onsite installations and debugging.


Project management, QA, programming, tech support, UI design, outsourced, tech writing, system admin.


Perl, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS, Apache, Basecamp, TWiki, Linux, SQL, LDAP.


Project Manager/Senior Programmer/Business Analyst, Permanent

Silicon Graphics Inc., Information Technology    December 1997 – August 2005

Project managed teams of engineers and other coworkers in designing and implementing computer programs and processes.  Wrote and supported a wide variety of applications (primarily web applications in Perl and C++).  Often acted as team lead.  Made a variety of changes in the team, including initiating short weekly team meetings, created a repository of data on all the tools we supported, implementing coding standards, peer code review, restructuring the source tree, and other notable improvements. Taught classes on Perl and on licensing.


Project management, programming, design, instructor, QA, specs, standards, tech writing, system admin, database design, IT, web master.


Perl, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Flash, PHP, Apache, CSS, MySQL, AJAX, Sybase, Oracle, SSL, source control, Unix, IRIX, IIS, Business Objects.


Technical Lead/Senior Programmer, Contractor and Permanent

Silicon Graphics Inc., Software Licensing    August 1994 ‑ November 1997

Helped plan and implement dramatic changes in the way Silicon Graphics utilizes software licensing;  Organized and ran meetings about licensing products with dozens of different product managers; Project managed, designed, and wrote an award winning web and email based program to automate the distribution of software licenses; Resolved a wide variety of business and technical issues on a daily basis; Wrote technical documentation to be shipped with all licensed products; Designed and wrote various dynamic web programs; Taught classes; Created graphical images for use on the web, in published documentation, and in presentations; Was interim manager of the team for several months.


Project management, programming, design, instructor, QA, specs, standards, tech writing, system admin, database design, graphic design, web master.


Perl, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Apache, MySQL, AJAX, Sybase, Oracle, SSL, source control, Unix, IRIX, licensing.


System Administrator, Contractor

Industrial Light and Magic    February 1993 ‑ August 1993

Was System Administrator for 100 Silicon Graphics and Sun machines;  Designed, wrote, and implemented a powerful backup system; Designed, wrote, and implemented a system for automated daily computer status checking; Created, restructured, refined, and documented internal procedures and tools.  Supported the artists creating the computer graphics for Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, and other films that involved intensive computation.


System admin, programmer, design, tech writing, inhouse support, networking.


Shell script, Perl, C, IRIX, Unix, sun, Solaris, sendmail.


Technical Support Engineer, Contractor

Silicon Graphics Inc.    January 1994 ‑ July 1994, February 1992 ‑ January 1993

Provided technical support for Silicon Graphics computers, peripherals, and software for system administrators and end users; Solved problems and answered questions dealing with Unix, hardware, communications, programming languages, graphics, and installations; Acted as group leader for up to 15 teammates; Taught classes on network licensing; Wrote technical documentation for publication; Wrote documentation to define internal procedures; Trained personnel;  In a company survey was rated as having provided the highest quality of support by my customers.


Tech support, instructor, tech writing, system admin.


Unix, IRIX, licensing, installation, networking.


Earlier jobs available upon request




·         Created a group to perform on Americas Got Talent, season 7 (2012).  "I've never seen anything like this. I loved it!" - Howard Stern; "This is what we look for" - Howie Mandel; "Spectacular" - Sharron Osborn; "Amazing" -Nick Cannon; For more see Aurora Light Portraits

·         Took studio portraits of contributors at annual technology conventions including OSCON, MySQL, ApacheCon, and foocamp

·         Published a photography portrait book, The People of Burning Man, which has over 40 five star reviews on Amazon.  For several years running, organized a camp of 20 volunteers at the arts festival known as Burning Man.

·         Won SGI STAR Award for Quality and SGI Skippy award for auto-licensing tool

·         DJ at WITR (RIT Radio station) in Rochester, New York and at KZSU (Stanford radio station) in Palo Alto, California